Furnish the apartment yourself.

20 Two-Room-Apartments – 430,00 Euro monthly All-In-Rent*


The Two-Room-Apartments are about 43 square metres big. The floors are wooden and the walls and ceilings painted in warm colours for comfortable living. The apartments are divided in living room with a pantry-kitchen and living area and a bedroom. Two-Room-Apartments are perfect for couples or students that wish a more spacious apartment.  


The bathroom is fully tiled, the shower level-accessed. The granite wash basin has a storage surface and the WC is modern and wall-hung. 


Two-Room-Apartments can be rented unfurnished or furnished.


* The monthly All-In-Rent for an unfurnished Two-Room-Apartment is 430,00 Euro; the monthly All-In-Rent for a furnished Two-Room-Apartment is 515,00 Euro. The monthly All-In-Rent includes a basic rent and operating costs that cover the additional living expenses. That means there will be no additional costs for heating, electricity, water etc.