The City of Cottbus

Places of Interest

Cottbus is an interesting and attractive city – many museums, galleries, parks and architectural treasures tell of Cottbus brisk history and a presence that is worth living. The most significant sights are Park and the late baroque Castle Branitz with the Fürst-Pückler-Park, the Wendish Museum, the art museum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus, Aerodrome Museum and the Space Flight Planetarium Juri Gagarin. Famous buildings are the water tower, the Bauhausschule – a school in Bauhaus-style, the Dieselkraftwerk, the Jugendstil National Theatre as well as the Informations-, Kommunikations- und Medienzentrum (IKMZ) of the architects Herzog & de Meuron.


Cultural Cottbus

The Jugendtsil National Theatre Cottbus is the only federal theatre in Brandenburg. The Municipal Hall, TheaterNative C, the student theatre Bühne 8 and the Piccolo-Theatre for children and teenagers offer a wide variety of theatre plays from theatrical to comical and from dramatic to merry.
Movie experts know Cottbus because of the annual FilmFestival Cottbus. The films of this Eastern European FilmFestival are shown in the smaller stages: Obenkino, Gladhouse, Filmtheater Weltspiegel and KinOH Stadthalle.              

Cottbus is also very musical. The Philharmonic Orchestra, the Cottbus Childrens Musical, the Children- and Teenager Ensemble Pfiffikus and the Theatre at the Terminal Loop know how to entertain their guests.


Sportive Cottbus

Cottbus indeed is a very sportive town. The football club FC Energy Cottbus is well known. But also other sports established and are organized in clubs: triathlon, cycling, athletics, handball, lacrosse, canoe and basketball. The High School Sports departments offers many sports, even trend sports like yoga, zumba, climbing and ultimate frisbee.